Romeo 1st Class

Imagine this: Little Romeo started school two weeks ago!

No more babies/toddlers in this house, which is somewhat tragic, if you ask me.
But at the same time, entering a new stage together with your children is just as exciting (and intimidating) as bringing a new life into this world.

If you let it be, of course.
While my intentions are well meant, I’m still having lots of issues with this whole ’school thing‘. Even now after two years, I just can’t seem to relax.


Maybe It’s The ‚boys‘-thing…

You know when they make a huge mess or act really…let’s say ‚questionable‘, how you shake your head and mumble „Boys…“ under your breath? Yeah. That’s me on everything that’s different from the way Ashley and Grace entered school. Romeo is just SO different in so many ways (and not always in a positive manner) that I like to blame his male genes for it.

The girls were stoked to enter school. I’m not even sure if Romeo has yet realized that he’s not in daycare anymore, haha. He just doesn’t care about learning to read etc.
It took him exactly two days to loose parts of his pencil case’s contents. This has yet to happen to one of the girls. Seeing how organized they are, I doubt that it will ever happen, though.

There are so many other examples from the past two weeks – one funnier than the other, until you actually think about what just happened.
But what can you do? Hope for the best, of course! He’ll go his way and maybe he’s lucky enough to be the next Christiano Ronaldo…

Reading is for rich people, anyway. πŸ˜‰


At least he did look fly on his first day of school!

A blazer is a must on special occasions like this, but I wanted to keep it casual as well. Hence the skinny harems and choice of fabric. The pants are made from this very cool denim look jersey. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough left of it for the blazer, so I paired it with sweatshirt knit in a lighter blue shade. Not the worst decision, if I may say so myself.
Speaking of fabric…he actually chose the cotton for the shirt. Boy’s got a good taste, don’t you think?!


This outfit is made of

Blazer: Ottobre Design
Shirt: Theo by Zonen9
Skinny Harems: Luck*ees by nipnaps

  • Olu
    Posted at 15:39h, 11 September Antworten

    No way!!!! You made the shirt too??? Gosh your sewing is inspiring. I love seeing what you make. Romeo is just too cool for school.

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