Elvelyckan Design X ChiChiRomeo+Me Part II


Monochrome is always a good idea

Whenever I let Ashley choose fabrics for her own clothes, she’ll pick something in black and white first before she considers any other colour. Not much to my surprise, of course, as I’m a monochrome enthusiast myself. And kids rarely take after strangers, do they?

Thank God Elvelyckan Design has a great range of monochrome and geometric prints (hello..? win-win!) in their collection. I covered the quality of the fabric in my previous post showing you Grace’s outfit, so I won’t tell you again how good it is…but it really is.


If you follow us on Instagram you’ll probably know that Ashley is a passionate HipHop-dancer. As she’s spending more time dancing than anything else, she needs clothes that a) are comfortable to wear and b) reflect the urban vibe of street dancing.

These skinny leg harems are just perfect. They are a bit more girly because of the skinny leg. I whipped a skirt variation up for Grace from this pattern and quite a few pairs for Romeo already. It is just such an easy and fast sew.

While I find them great in any version, I wanted to personalize them a bit more for Ashley. Hence the „dipped“ cuffs in pleather.


I left the patterns for the shirt and cardigan as is.

Although there’re three different closure options for the cardigan, I skipped that part. My children rarely close their jackets, so why bother?


Patterns And Fabric


Cardigan: Card*ee by nipnaps
T-Shirt: T*ee by nipnaps
Skinny Harems: Luck*ees by nipnaps

Black cotton jersey: Sourced localy
Everything else: Elvelyckan Design

  • Olu
    Posted at 20:56h, 10 September Antworten

    Simply beautiful.

    • Ich
      Posted at 21:26h, 10 September Antworten

      Gah! Forgot to put this thing back in maintenance LOL

      Anyway…THANK YOU!! πŸ˜€

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